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How Long Do Dental Implants Take?

How Long Will My Dental Implant Take?

If you are missing a tooth and thinking of filling the hole in your smile with a dental implant, you may be curious as to the amount of time it will take for your smile to become whole. At the San Antonio office of Bernard Rust, DDS, we want our patients to be confident in the long lasting and aesthetic appeal of their dental implants, and avoid rushing the process. With this guide, we hope to help you understand the time involved in providing you with a successful dental implant, as well as the circumstances that can extend treatment. 

Your Initial Visit

The primary consultation and examination will give us the first idea as to how long your implant treatment will take. If your gums and jaw are healthy, our San Antonio dental team can begin taking the appropriate scans of your mouth to ensure that your implant surgery is as efficient as possible.

For patients facing gum disease and jawbone deficiencies, we will need to account for additional treatment to ensure that the implants are able to be properly placed into the bone. These treatments can range from additional cleanings to clear up gingivitis, to bone grafts and sinus lifts to ensure that there is sufficient bone density and jaw structure for the implants to be integrated into the bone.

Surgical Appointments

Once all preliminary treatments or procedures have been completed, patients are ready for the surgical procedures. If you are using a dental implant to replace a damaged tooth still in the dentition, Dr. Rust will remove the infected or broken tooth and allow time for the extraction site to heal properly, improving your chance of a successful dental implant.

Once the actual implant is in place, we will wait for the surgical site to completely heal, allowing the titanium post to integrate into the bone. The length of this process can vary, depending on a number of factors, including your proper maintenance of oral hygiene, as well as whether the implant was placed on the upper, or lower jaw.

Finalizing Your Implant

During the final stages of recovery following implant placement, we will place a specialized abutment to encourage proper healing of the gums, and a temporary crown, before placing the permanent crown. While this process takes longer than traditional bridges or crowns, the results provide patients with a comfortable, natural looking restoration that improves overall smile aesthetics and eliminates the risk of jaw bone deterioration.

If you are looking to fill gaps in your smile and are interested in dental implants, contact Dr. Rust and our team today. Our San Antonio dental practice will give you a comprehensive examination to help you determine the length of your treatment, and get you on track to restored dentition.


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