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Paying for Dental Procedures

Financing Your Dental Care

With all of the options patients currently have in dentistry, it’s no longer an issue finding the right treatment plan to straighten, whiten, or even rehabilitate your smile. However, as with any other medical procedure, dentistry requires specialized tools and trained professionals, increasing the cost of quality care.

At Bernard Rust, DDS, MAGD, we don’t want the cost of proper dental care to be a barrier to receiving necessary dental care. Our goal is to help patients understand their payment options and insurance benefits in order to receive the precise treatments they deserve. 

Dental Insurances

While most people understand the necessity of insurance for various medical procedures, you may be unaware of the differences present between HMO and PPO insurance plans. For HMO patients looking to share the cost of a necessary dental procedure, it is important to look for a plan with a dentist able to provide that service within your provider network, allowing you to take advantage of benefits without an annual limit. 

Where PPO insurances are willing to cover some costs of certain procedures within and without the network, HMO patients will find that treatment coverage to be restrictive to only in-network providers. As a result, any specialty treatments offer by out-of-network offices may not be covered, requiring higher out of pocket costs for the patient. 

Additionally, while patients with PPO insurance can find coverage inside their network, and partial coverage outside of network, they may find that their treatment will exceed maximum annual benefits.

The Benefits of Financing

For patients who have limited or no dental coverage, third-party financing through CareCredit is another option. In the same way that most people aren’t able to buy a car outright, these plans allow patients unable to take on the full cost of treatment all at once to make payments. Various healthcare providers have entered into agreements with CareCredit and like services, allowing you to pay the balance of your treatment, and make payments over a period from 6 to 24 months. 

In-office financing functions much the same way for patients, though options are offered by the office of your care provider themselves. For PPO patients who have met their annual benefit maximum, or HMO patients looking to find specialized care out of network, financing can help you to receive the necessary dental care without facing an overwhelming single payment. 

Affordable Care Options

If you are looking to treat your smile without breaking the bank, contact Dr. Rust. Our team accepts most PPO insurance options and offer financing options for patients of the northern San Antonio area. 


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