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San Antonio Implant Dentistry of Dr. Bernard Rust - Teeth Replacement & Restoration Options

Bernard Rust, DDS, MAGD, offers dental implant placement and restoration in San Antonio, TX as a solution to missing teeth. If you suffer from one or more missing teeth, dental implants provide a comprehensive replacement to completely restore the smile. Call our dental office and schedule a consultation with us today!

Dental Implants in San Antonio North Central

When teeth are missing from the smile, several detriments can occur, such as weakened dental function and alterations to the smile’s esthetics. Dr. Rust and his team offer several options for surgical implant placement in San Antonio. Working with a team of specialist, he is able to place any number of dental implants according to the patient’s needs. Select cases are able to receive their implant placement right in the convenience of our office.

Dr. Rust utilizes the latest dental technology to improve the accuracy of placement as well as to design natural-looking restorations. Cone beam scanners and 3D guided implant placement technology make receiving dental implant safer and easier than ever.

Improving Restorations with Dental Implants

Dental implants stabilize your prosthetics. Titanium posts are placed in the space where the roots of teeth once were, replacing the supporting structure of teeth and jaw bone.

When a tooth is missing from its socket, the jaw goes through a process of resorption, causing atrophy and shrinkage over time. Replacing a tooth’s root prevents accelerated resorption from taking place. Additionally, the biocompatible titanium posts fuse with the jaw bone to generate a united support system.

An abutment affixes the restoration onto the new tooth root, completing your replacement tooth. Dental implants can be used with the following restorations:

Single-unit crowns replace a missing tooth anywhere in the smile. This is can be a great option for patients seeking a replacement tooth immediately after an extraction.

Multi-unit bridges restore the structure of a complete smile by replacing a row of teeth using two to three dental implants. Dental post allows the preservation of existing teeth and generates its support directly from the jaw bone.

Implant-supported dentures can replace an entire arch of teeth using anything from four to six dental implants. We offer All-on-4 as a convenient option for completely replacing an entire arch of teeth.

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If you’re missing teeth in San Antonio and are looking for reliable, comprehensive replacements, call Heartland Dental and schedule an appointment with Dr. Bernard Rust to go over your options. Your new smile can be just a phone call away!



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