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Cone Beam X-ray

Cone Beam X-Rays and Dental Technology at our San Antonio Dental Office

 San Antonio cone beam xray 

San Antonio dentist Dr. Rust strives to have the e best and most current technology available to provide the most accurate diagnosis for our patients.  Unlike the Panoramic x-ray, the Cone Beam x-ray gives us the abililty to view not just the jaw bone but also views of the soft tissue, muscle, and blood vessels.  It also measures bone density, height and width.  This gives Dr. Rust the ability to virtually place implants!  This means he can do the surgery on the computer before he actually does the surgery on the patient.  He knows exactly where the implant will go and he can see the important anatomy, sinuses, nerves and arteries surrounding the surgical site.  We are one of the only General/Family dental practices with this advanced technology.  This Cone Beam x-ray will save our patients time and money!  The entire procedure is provided in our office.  No more referrals for scans or surgery. 

Learn more about the advantages of cone beam x-rays by scheduling your next visit to our San Antonio dental practice today! From planning implant placement surgical guides to planning more extensive smile makeovers, this advanced dental technology ensures you receive the personalized care you deserve. Call today or schedule an appointment online here.






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