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San Antonio Sedation Dentist - Dr. Bernard Rust - Creating an Anxiety-Free Dental Experience

Part of having a healthy smile is feeling comfortable with returning every six months or coming in for necessary restorations. When you suffer from dental anxiety or are worried about complex dental care, however, it’s too easy to neglect keeping with up with dental appointments. To help patients feel at-ease, Dr. Bernard Rust offers various methods of sedation dentistry from his San Antonio dental office.

Sedation for Dental Anxiety

If you’ve been putting off routine dental visits because you’re afraid of even stepping foot in a dental office, sedation could provide an ideal solution. While avoiding the dentist increases risk for tooth decay and gum disease, sedation dentistry makes twice yearly visits worry-free, so you can keep your smile healthy and avoid the anxiety you might have otherwise felt during your appointment.

Dr. Rust can provide both oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide, depending on your procedure and level of anxiety. Both medications produce feelings of comfort and ease, but oral conscious sedation tends to last longer and creates a deeper sense of relaxation. If you are highly anxious, oral conscious sedation may be recommended for you, while nitrous is indicated for mild cases of dental fear. If you have questions about which sedative medication will work best for your needs, please talk to our sedation dentist for more information.

Relaxing Care for Full Smile RehabilitationSan Antonio Sedation Dentist

Dental sedation is also applicable for longer procedures. If your smile is damaged and you are interested in completing much dental work as you can in one sitting, sedation can make your appointment appear to fly by. By creating feelings of peacefulness and relaxation, dental sedation shortens the perceived length of your treatment time. If you are scheduled for a procedure that may take several hours, sedation can be applied so that your visit feels like minutes instead.

As oral conscious sedation has a longer half-life, this medication is frequently recommended for patients who are interested in comprehensive dental care. Oral conscious sedation uses safe and effective pill-form medication to relax patients. Depending on your needs, Dr. Rust may recommend taking a dose before your appointment, having a companion drive you to our office, and taking a second dose while here to ensure you are comfortable.

Learn more about your Sedation Dentistry Options

Our sedation dental services help to soothe antsy patients, create positive dental experiences, and allow our team to efficiently provide the treatment you need.  For more information about sleep dentistry in San Antonio, contact Dr. Rust to see how he and his team can best help you.


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